Where to find us

We’re located in the Bielefeld University’s main building in T3.

For info on how to get to Bielefeld, check here.

To reach the university from the main station (Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof), take tram U4 in the direction of Lohmannshof and exit at “Universität”. Trains leave every 10 minutes, usually from track 2. Note, trams have a separate station. To get there:

after coming down from a train, turn in the direction of the stairs that feature a McDonald’s sign. Take those stairs up and leave the building. Cross the square, pass the pedestrian crossing and continue a few meters to a tunnel that takes you down to the tram station.

The ticket machine only has German info. You’ll need a ticket from the left side of the upper buttons, button “1”, on the ticket machine. A ticket is 2,50. If you plan to go back and forth several times, you can purchase a 4-ride ticket through button 1 (left side) on the second set of buttons. It is 8,40. machines take 10€ bills, nothing higher.