Great news: DAAD is funding 3-month visit by Daniel Marigold from Canada

Daniel Marigold is an Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at the Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada. His research focuses on the role of vision for walking. One of his main interests is how parietal cortex organizes movements of different effectors, a topic we’ve addressed in the Reach & Touch Lab (see publications by Leoné et al. 2014 and Heed et al. 2011), and that Phyllis Mania is currently pursuing as part of the Emmy Noether group’s work package.

The DAAD is funding Dan to visit the Reach & Touch Lab for 3 months in 2016. We’re planning a TMS project in which we will test the relevance of parietal cortex for hand and foot motor planning. Better yet, Dan won’t be coming alone, but will be joined by Dr. Kim Lajoie, a member of his lab with a background in neuronal recording in the parietal cortex of cats.

We’re looking forward to Dan and Kim’s stay!