Poster at SfN 2015: Mislocalizing touch from hands to feet

Tobias will be attending SfN, which is taking place in Chicago starting this upcoming Saturday.
He’ll present a poster at location O15 on Wednesday morning on a study by Steph Badde and himself. In this study, we demonstrate that participants often grossly misperceive where tactile stimuli occurred. For example, when we stimulate their left hand, they may report that the touch occurred on their right foot.
Tactile location is initially coded in primary somatosensory cortex, where activity arises in the sensory homunculus at the location that receives input from the periphery. Our results show that the stimulus location we perceive in the end can be vastly different from what would be expected from this initial homuncular representation. Furthermore, we show how this misperception is determined by several anatomical and spatial factors.

Come and see our poster on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 8-12 at poster slot O15! (Also see in the SfN Meeting Planner)

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