Research Collaborative (SFB) continues until 2019

Great news! We got word yesterday that the German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund the Hamburg-based Research Collaborative (“Sonderforschungsbereich”, SFB) 936, Multi-site communication in the brain, for a second 4-year period, from 2015–2019.
At the Reach & Touch Lab, Jonathan Schubert & I are currently wrapping up the work of our first funding period’s project in the SFB, “The role of vision for shaping cortico-cortical interactions mediating sensorimotor transformations”.
I am excited that the new period’s project, “Tactile-visual interactions for saccade planning during free viewing and their modulation by TMS” is a collaboration with Peter König of the University of Osnabrück. We will investigate how different brain regions connect with each other to merge space across our senses.
We have a PostDoc position open in this project – look out for information about it here very soon!