José Ossandón, MD, MSc

José Ossandón
image: P. Mania

I studied Medicine at the University of Chile where I graduated in 2003. Afterwards I started to work as a General Practitioner in Chile’s public health care system and at the same time I pursued a Master degree in Neuroscience, also at the University of Chile. There I joined the Laboratorio de Neurosistemas and worked under the supervision of Prof. Pedro Maldonado. In 2008 I moved to Osnabrück, Germany, where I joined Prof. Peter König‘s Neurobiopsychology Lab. In January, 2016 I’ll move to Hamburg to start working at Tobias’ lab. My research interest is to develop mechanistic models of the cortical-subcortical circuits involved in multisensory perception, action programming and their interactions.


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(* shared first autorship)

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