We are hiring a PostDoc – apply by June 15, 2015


The position is funded by a project in the Research Collaborative (Sonderforschungsbereich, SFB) 936, “Multi-site communication in the brain”. The principle investigators of the project are Tobias Heed (Hamburg), Peter König (Osnabrück), and Brigitte Röder (Hamburg). The position is attached to the Emmy Noether Group “Reach and Touch” headed by Tobias Heed, within the Biopsychology department of the University of Hamburg.

The SFB is funded for 4 years. The earliest starting date is July 1, 2015, but a later starting date is possible. The position will end on June 30, 2019, independent of the starting date. 

The SFB consists of 18 projects. They all investigate some aspect of brain connectivity. Methods courses, talks by international guests, and yearly retreats are organized on a regular basis, providing an interesting, interdisciplinary research environment.



The advertised position is in the project “Tactile-visual interactions for saccade planning during free viewing and their modulation by TMS”. The project investigates how saccade planning is influenced by tactile input. The project’s focus is on connectivity between unisensory and multisensory brain regions, measured with EEG, and on the effects of disturbing these networks with TMS.

The PostDoc’s tasks are the planning, data acquisition, analysis, and publication of behavioral, EEG, and combined EEG/TMS studies.

The SFB is located in Hamburg (commonly known as the most beautiful city of the world…). Some initial training for the PostDoc is planned to take place in Peter König’s lab in Osnabrück. There will be close collaboration between the Hamburg and Osnabrück labs for the project, as well as collaboration with other EEG/MEG projects of the SFB.


Who we are looking for


  • You have a university degree in a relevant subject, plus doctorate (PhD).
  • You have experience with the planning, data acquisition, analysis, and publication of EEG or MEG studies with frequency analysis, preferably with the software fieldtrip.
  • You have experience with programming to create experiments (e.g. in Matlab, Presentation, Python).
  • You like to work and integrate with a team, but you can work very independently. Applications of both new and advanced PostDocs are welcome.


  • You have experience with the analysis of EEG/MEG connectivity
  • eye tracking
  • and/or TMS.


What next?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tobias Heed (tobias.heed@uni-hamburg.de).

You can find the official advertisement here.

Applications should be sent by email, in one single pdf file, to tobias.heed@uni-hamburg.de by June 15, 2015.